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Commercializing the language of bacteria

Commercializing the language of bacteria

The next billion dollar antibiotic could be in your back yard, and all we need from you is a handful of dirt.

70% of the antibiotics on the market come from bacteria that live in the soil, yet only one new class of antibiotics has been found in the past 30 years.

We're solving the problem pharmaceutical companies can't and de-risking drug discovery by distributing the cost across a massive crowd-sourced user base, and collecting valuable soil samples from unique locations all over the Earth.

On the back-end, we've developed a rapidly scalable high-throughput drug discovery platform for discovering new antibiotics, that also fits seamlessly into pharmaceutical companies established screening programs.

When you buy our MicrobeMiner kit, you're helping build a global strain collection of organisms, you get to track your profile online, and if the next billion dollar drug comes from your back yard, you'll share in the reward.

We're kind of like 23andme, but for dirt.
Perviously: chemist at Cell Signaling Technology, Intern at New England Biolabs
Founder Prospective Research Visiting Researcher - Salem State University Hepatochem Beyond Benign - WBIGC Intern - NEB

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