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Promotions, invoicing & scheduling for solopreneurs


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Henry Loke

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Think Moneyball.

Ranvir Gujral

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Managing Partner, Sleeping Bear Capital. Former CEO @Chute • Worked at @Morgan Stanley, @Silver Lake • Studied at @Umich

Dominic Rubas

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I'm a traveler of both time and space.

Bala Kamallakharan

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Founder @StartupIceland• Founder @IcelandVentureStudio • Time @Capgemini @Glitnir @Greenqloud •Investor @buuteeq @Clara Ma @GuidetoIceland

Gene Kim

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Proven leader, communicator, and past adviser to Members of Congress, political candidates, senior Fortune 500 executives, small businesses, & nonprofits.

Ryan Holmes

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SpaceVR, CEO & Founder. Self taught Designer, Software Developer, CEO. Founder of Tampa Hackerspace. Studied Electrical Engineering.

David Williams

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Michigan State MIS, Experienced as a Student Web Developer, Freelance web design.

Richard D. Titus

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David Wieland

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GP @Motivate Ventures Chair @IrishAngels 80+investments @Techstars @Change.org @Influitive @HomeChef @Appcast @Unsplash @chimebank 4x Founder w/ successful exits
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