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Do you want a job? Or do you want to build a movement? If it’s this former, we aren’t for you. If it’s the latter, keep reading at the risk of being inspired to change the world.

Put simply: ProMazo is a movement. Our mission is to completely redefine the world of work as we know it by creating a unique professional services firm that leverages the world’s largest untapped talent pool - the millions of bright, hungry and determined college students - to develop insane value for the most innovative companies in the land.

For our clients, we provide them with unparalleled access to the intellectual firepower of today’s top-tier universities and create dynamic, multidisciplinary, high-impact teams capable of solving a business’ toughest challenges for a fraction of the cost of traditional consulting firms.

For those in school, we not only give them the stage to work for some of the best in business and most senior executives across the Fortune 500 and top startups, but we also provide them with the support, mentorship, network and development they need to become an all-star on-campus. The students that join ProMazo say it is the best damn decision they make over their college years. And it’s no surprise to us that these same students go on to change the planet.

In short, we are in the business of helping both students and executives achieve their wildest professional dreams, all the while building a family of game-changers from across the globe that are fundamentally changing how companies do business.

Do you want to build a movement? Good. Let's get going.
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Boston Director

Directors are the heartbeat of ProMazo. Our Bostonian network and talent ecosystem is proliferating, and we are in search of an all-star leader, curator and creator who is capable of catapulting us as an organization beyond our wildest dreams.

Software Engineer

Senior Full Stack Engineer, Technology Division Director & Management Consultant

Our Division Directors are the field generals that set the strategy for our projects and ensure all of our clients are highly satisfied with our work. As our Bostonian talent ecosystem expands, you will be the leader helping develop our network and talent base within our Boston university base.