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Consulting Using Top College Talent

Consulting Using Top College Talent

When we first started ProMazo, we did a quick survey of top executives regarding how they felt about their jobs & teams. We expected the following statements to be their top responses: 1. My teams have exactly the skills they need to be successful 2. My team has enough bandwidth 3. There is enough time to complete all our work Except no one said that. In fact, they said the opposite. In this day and age, with companies expecting everyone to do more with less, there is often not enough full time employees to get everything done that a particular team has to complete. Add in the constantly changing technology and skills required and it gets more difficult. We realized that there was an untapped talent pool that could be used to supplement corporate employees: the top 5% of college students. With this idea, we have been able to transform how work gets done, developing a methodology that allows us to embed students within corporations to work on their toughest challenges.

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