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Award-winning Clios® & AIXprize® Immersive conversational studio

Award-winning Clios® & AIXprize® Immersive conversational studio

Humans are not made to communicate by texting. We are talking. We tell stories. And we do not always react with words.

Prologue Ai is an immersive conversational studio made up of award-winning Clios® and AIXprize® artisans, creating unparalleled voice experiences for destinations worldwide.

The studio combines conversational innovation with an avant-garde approach to the new art of XR storytelling, creating groundbreaking original immersive experiences for cities.

The latest project is bringing to life the Voice Montreal.

Prologue Ai Studios is the world’s only full spectrum immersive conversational studio, showcasing end-to-end creative capabilities, technological know-how and proprietary tools all within one company. The studio’s platform includes best-in-class conversational engine, production/post-production software and processes, as well as spatial audio capture, design and processing through its Studio division.

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Prologue Studios has a highly experienced team of immersive conversational specialists and is backed by experienced investors.

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Jonathan Rouxel

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Jonathan is a multi-talented creative with over 18 years’ experience. He has won more than 150+ intl awards. The latest were a Lion and a Clio in 2018.