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When I started looking for new opportunities, I wanted to join a place where I could be myself, bring ideas that would be heard and be around leadership that I could trust in their vision. That is exactly what I found at Project Rōnin!
Richard Villareal


David Agus

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Founder @Sensei


Suzie Hall

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Brian Chhor

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Matt Nunogawa

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Over 14 years of Cocoa/OSX/iOS dev experience. Favorite language: golang. Broad backend skill set: python, postgres, SOA, devops, etc.

Suzanna Hall

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Worked at Workbridge Associates Elastic Project Ronin
The Ronin Project

James Taylor

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Lead Product Designer at Project Ronin. Formerly ebay, athenahealth, Code and Theory, R/GA, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners.
A Full-Stack engineer at heart, I work with my CTO to build front-end applications in Node.js, ES6, CoffeeScript, and TypeScript. The server is in RESTful ROR.

Adrien Pinard

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EPITA's Master in Software Engineering, Full-Stack, RoR, Python, Java, ... Successfully launched multiple large scale products.
Leading Workforce and Culture at Project Ronin. Previously people and recruitment at Confluent, Facebook and One Medical Group

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Brian Chhor

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