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If there were a few adjectives to describe our group they would have to be supportive, mindful, easy-going, thorough, positive, enthusiastic, and reliable. Our fully-remote team works well together by communicating frequently and with full transparency. Honestly is key for us to keep moving forward in the right direction, as is a growth mind-set to continuously learn and become better developers. We're all about flexibility here as long as the work gets done and quality standards are upheld. Most of us have prioritized non-traditional things in life such as health, spirituality, and fulfillment before money, and as a result all become involved in development as a passion. This positivity shows in both our work and our company culture, as solving problems and creating with code is something we all love to do! Company culture to us is finding a way to overcome the problems that we will encounter everyday together, rather than focusing on who's to blame. It's all about moving forward as a team here, and delivering our best to our clients with every project and course.