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More than just development

More than just development

There’s a lot that goes into running a successful business. Marketing, operations, HR, accounting… it all has to run together like a well oiled machine in order for your company to expand and thrive. Here are Progressio, we focus on building partnerships, not websites, in order to make sure you reach your end goals. Sure, the end product will look and feel like a website, but what you’ll actually be walking-away with is a full fledged solution to help our business run smoother than ever. As an expert in your field, you know all of the pain points in your business and likely have some good ideas to overcome them. In teaming up with Progressio, you’ll have access to a team who can leverage technology and design to bring your ideas into the real world. You can consider us your new technology department, ready to support you as you push for growth and set yourself apart in the ever more competitive business landscape. So whether it be a full brand re-design, digital marketing system to

React JS Developer - Teaching & Mentorship Position

Node JS Developer - Teaching & Mentorship position

Web Development Fundamentals - Course Instructor

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Worked at Progression Development Solutions. Went to University of Colorado, Boulder