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Gabriela Araujo

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Content, Marketing & Data
at Product School
Start-up founder who had a decent exit who wants to help others.

Jeremy Glassenberg

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Experienced Product leader of 12+ years helping to grow successful startups. Founder of Box's developer platform. BS Computer Science from UIUC, MBA from CMU.
Marketing Masters graduate, bilingual in Russian and English, looking for marketing opportunities.

Alejandra Quintanilla Escobedo

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Sr. Talent Manager at Product School

Julian Gonzalez Lizarraga

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Mexican and Spanish Nationalities Psychologist with a passion for Human Resources Customer Service and Talent Acquisition with experience in Improvement program

Shewit Doherty

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Manage Enterprise Account Management, Curriculum Development and Delivery.

Caleb Diebolt

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Motivated sales professional with military and start up background.

Gadi Borovich

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I believe my work has to encompass that life is an ever-changing opportunity for growth and learning. I am looking for projects which have an impactful purpose

Ryan Prust

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Product Manager & Agile Coach

Dmitriy Seo (Shegay)

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Certified Software Product Manager (PMC™). Technology enthusiast. Founded an advertising agency and a management consultancy.
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Douglas Millett

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Angie Durkee

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Lee Nau

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Ji Kim

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James Kim

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Nicholas R Armell

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