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Learning Integrity Platform

Learning Integrity Platform

While being effective, current proctoring solutions are not scalable and cannot be placed on midterm exams as they are expensive and employ people to watch the students through their webcams. We recognized the need for a scalable, automated remote proctoring system. So we built Proctorio to meet the increasing demand for more stringent exams. With Proctorio, schools can feel confident that their online programs maintain academic integrity.

Proctorio accomplishes its mission by using machine learning and facial detection to monitor students during their exams. It is the proctorless solution to identity verification and behavior validation. Proctorio processes each frame in the cloud and can recognize over 20 different suspicious behaviors. The video is then provided to the professor with only suspicious frames in the areas of their interest highlighted. Thus, Proctorio is a cost and time effective means of ensuring academic integrity during online tests.

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Mass school closures in the wake of the coronavirus are driving a new wave of student surveillance

  • Washington Post
  • 2 months ago
  • “Online proctor” services like have already policed millions of American college exams, tapping into students’ cameras, microphones and computer screens when they take their tests at home.
  • Now these companies are enjoying a rush of new business as the coronavirus pandemic closes thousands of American schools, and executives are racing to capture new clients during what some are calling a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Mass school closures in the wake of the coronavirus are driving a new wave of student surveillance

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