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Vinay Patankar

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CEO at @Process Street. Founded a digital marketing company & e-commerce store. Youngest Cisco engineer in Australia. Experience in sales, marketing & tech.  
CTO and Co-Founder at @Process Street - Master's in DNA Computing, built products for the NFL and The Home Depot, founded indie game studio.


I like the beauty in technology, the way I can express my thoughts and philosophy in computer and provide a vision of the world, that can become a reality

Riley Sicher

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I have a B.A. in Economics w/ a Business Administration minor. Experienced in client management, customer support, and Sales & Marketing

Ellie Mahoney

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Digital content & communications, administrator, web & online writer & editor, operations & efficiency with a passion for delivering great customer service

AJ Virgil

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Hi 👋🏻, I’m AJ. I'm a Portland, OR-based designer with over a decade of experience. I specialize in product design, user experience, and creative direction.

Marcin Wysokinski

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Passionate software developer, problem solver, getting hands dirty and things done

Oliver Peterson

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Experienced B2B Marketer; SaaS, BPM, and everything SMB. Currently works at Process Street getting content to the top spot in Google.

Ashley Chain

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Operations manager with exceptional attention to detail. Expertise in streamlining processes with creative solutions.

Matthew Dunlap

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Director, Sales at Empyr

Tony Brown

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Process Consultant | Customer Success | Partnerships | Biz Dev

Farah Tash

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UofT BA. Founded my own social media marketing start-up. Passionate about written and visual content creation. I speak English, Arabic and Spanish.

Dina Nagi

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Worked at Orca Beauty Labs, Blue Mercury. Experience with Buying, Business Plan, Customer Service. Went to University of Washington, Cornell University

John Cunningham

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Working at Process Street on our sales team - extensive Saas sales experience at HubSpot and SurveyMonkey, sales management consulting experience.

Jason MacMurray

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Sammy Tocco

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Current- Process Street- Director of Sales Previous: Director of Sales, Mogl/Empyr StemGenex Director of Sales Private Sales Floor Consultant

Andrew Mounier

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Growth Hacker, former #CMO, Brand Strategist, Digital #Nomad, @Forbes_Agency Council Member & Passionate about Startups
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Board members and advisors

Rich Wong

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Partner at Accel
Investor, advisor, engineer, builder of great product and engineering teams. Co-founder @Convox

Former team

Caius Elani

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Camilo Santiago

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Luca Michelson

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Benjamin Brandall

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Peyton Sandoz

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Craig Nagovan

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