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Process Street is a SaaS platform that helps companies manage their processes and workflows. We are a lean, flexible, 100% distributed team that relies on systems to improve output 10x. Process Street is backed by leading investors, including Accel, Salesforce, and Atlassian. A distributed team means freedom and flexibility: All 40-plus of us work wherever we’d like—reliable internet access is our only requirement. Spread across 9 time zones in 10 countries, we sign into Slack (and Process Street) and open up our work tools on the schedule that fits our lives best. We communicate asynchronously, work autonomously, and take ownership of our work. Distributed work isn’t for everyone, but if it fits your management style, it’s a life-changing benefit. Camaraderie from afar: Being 100% distributed doesn’t stop us from getting to know each other— we have daily conversations in chat, weekly “coffee” pairings with coworkers, and once a year we all come together for an all-team retreat. Our values: As a small, nimble company, we want our employees to feel empowered to make decisions and define the future of our company, so our values include: - Act like an owner (Agency!) - Default to action (Processes are great; bureaucracy isn't!) - Focus on the process (See? Great.) - Practice prioritization (Outcomes oriented) - Pay attention to details (Our customers count on us!) - Over-communicate everything. Twice (See what we did there?)
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