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We're gearing up the team ready to ride the startup roller coaster with us. We need your superpowers to create one of the greatest startups Europe has seen before!

We will be building a talented and diverse team with experience in sales, marketing & communications, customer success, engineering, legal, product design...

We're also open to intern positions or being a volunteer to contribute to our non-profit community projects like GDPR Checklist, CCPA Checklist, Data Breaches Tracker, ...
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Intern positions

Posted 10 months ago

(1) Development - help maintain our (open source) products (2) Legal / Content - publish stories on data privacy, legal tech, GDPR, ... (3) Growth - make more people privacy aware, attract audience


Data Breaches Contributor (Volunteer)

Posted 5 months ago

It’s time to drop in! We’re looking for volunteer contributors who track down, research, help maintain our open-source data breaches tracker and regularly schedule editorial content related to data breaches. We need you to be passionate about what’s moving and shaking in the global data breaches...