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Privacy x Security x Compliance

Privacy x Security x Compliance

We're gearing up the team ready to ride the startup roller coaster with us. We need your superpowers to create one of the greatest startups Europe has seen before >> ComplianceBoard!

We will be building a talented and diverse team with experience in sales, marketing & communications, customer success, engineering, legal, product design...

We're also open to intern positions or being a volunteer to contribute to our non-profit community products like GDPR Checklist, CCPA Checklist, Data Breaches Tracker, ...

We’re launching ComplianceBoard to give every SaaS company a tool to bring compliance-, security-, privacy- and product teams and assets together in one place to improve efficiency and demonstrate trust & transparency to customers or prospects.

Patrick Dalvinck

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I have been building and guiding sales & marketing teams to great success for most of my career.

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