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-- We're looking for JS developers to engage our community:

At Prismic, we're building a CMS for developers that also gives designers, content creators, and project managers the independence.

So, we could spend a lot of time talking about how much we've grown and talking ourselves up, but that's not really our style. We could talk about our number of users or clients or tell you how much we've raised (well, that bit is simple, because it is $0), but the only message we really want to convey is that we're a CMS for developers, built by developers.

If you want to find out more about us and our product, you can have a look at our website, check out our blogs and videos, and even start playing around with Prismic itself (yes, there's a free version).

At Prismic, we're technology agnostic and our tool supports a wide-range of JS frameworks, technologies, and languages. We're hoping it's this point that will pique your interest because it means that our community uses a lot of different technologies (Gatsby, Next, Nuxt, Vue...the list goes on).

It's great. It leads to a lot of amazing projects, but it does mean that we face the big (but wonderful) challenge of providing resources, documents, and answers for a lot (A LOT) of things and even though we want our product to speak for itself, it doesn't mean that we want our community to feel like we abandon them once they've chosen us...and that's where you would come in.

-- Be the face of Prismic:

We already put a lot of effort into the resources and materials that we provide for our community, in fact, we've already turned some of our employees into stars (youtube.com/channel/UCJq6AEgtWeZt7ziQ-fLKOeA)...OK, not quite stars, but we're working on it.

The thing is, what we feel like we're missing is someone who can immerse themselves in the community and act as the face of Prismic right were users discuss topics, look for answers, and share projects.

So we're looking for someone who loves the technologies our community uses who can fill that role. Your job would be to interact with users, understand their use-cases and needs, help them, and inspire them.

Most importantly, we want this to be fun for you AND for them. You can help to create the resources they need, represent us at conferences, understand the latest trends within the community, and help them to get the most out of Prismic.

It's hard to convey all of that in a job post, in fact, if you think you can write a better job description you're off to a good start, but if you are interested you should get in touch and we can have a chat!

Developer ambassador, evangelist...we can decide on the job title later, but if you're passionate about technology and you're the kind of developer who wants to help other developers to succeed then you are the person for us!

-- TLDR? Here's the summary of what we're looking for:

→ A demonstrated interest in testing new things, new frameworks, new toys (React, Vue, Gatsby, Next, Nuxt, GraphQL, Now, Netlify etc.)

→ The ability and willingness to communicate

→ Dedication and commitment to problem-solving

→ Respect for all users even when it's not reciprocated (yes, sometimes people can be rude on social media)

→ A genuine interest and passion for talking about technology. We need someone who engages because they want to, not just because we are paying them to.

-- And what would you be joining?:

A relaxed working environment in our Paris office (sorry, no remote work).

Be prepared to be challenged and made to think, but know that you would be joining a team where opinions and feedback are always welcome. We may be looking for an evangelist, but everyone that joins is welcome to participate in discussions that stretch far outside of their initial job description.

The hours aren’t bad, there are free snacks and drinks available, and we have team events twice a month to help get everyone to know each other outside of work.

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