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A headless CMS with an API and a CDN

Content Writer / Strategist

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At Prismic, we're looking for a human who can write playful, human-readable text, in plain and simple English for our website, Twitter, product announcements, newsletters, emails, bots and campaigns.

Developers use Prismic when they're building websites (using such technologies as JavaScript, React, Gatsby, Vue, Node, or any other) and they need to make content accessible as well as editable to writers, authors, or anyone else on their team.

Many of them like the product, say nice things about it, and generally show very strong support for what we're doing.

Job description

Your job will consist in writing text in different places, mainly for developers and marketers. Instead of describing the job too abstractly, it’s easier to share some examples of the tasks you'd be doing. You'll find comments on how we would like to approach each one, this way you can determine if our values are aligned with yours:

Website: make product exploration easy and accessible, using lightweight pages with few (but relevant) links and buttons (yes I know, they're called CTAs). People on the web are able to find links when they wish to dig deeper, so no need for very long pages and huge CTAs.

Twitter, Slack, etc: develop a persona behind the logo. It can be a hero with super-powers , a genie who responds to wishes, a talking monkey 🙉 or any other identifiable character that can help, comment, and win the hearts of our community.

Newsletters and announcements: they sound boring - we know, but they don’t have to be.
You can combine true value and relevant information with playful text and good humor to change people's expectations: from receiving another annoying spam to being glad to give us a moment of their precious mailbox time.

Bots and campaigns: we shouldn’t hide behind human faces when designing bot messages. It is a bot, let's just be honest about it and build the bot's unique personality. How about a cute robot 🤖with some emotions, like WALL.E ?

Case studies/user stories: « oh look how many great customers we have! » [buzzing sound] Wrong answer ❌. User stories should show our customers how the product is used in a similar context to their own project. It should also inform them of existing challenges and ways to overcome them. User stories need to be profound and bring value to customers.

As mentioned, these are just some examples to illustrate our current mindset, you’re free to challenge them and suggest better ideas for building a distinguishable image and voice.

*Disclaimer: At Prismic we're kind of allergic to sales-y and pushy texts as well as hashtags and jargon parades. Humans are equipped with advanced BS detectors and we strongly believe that overselling, cheating, or tricking people doesn't work in the long run.

*We prefer a calm & enjoyable voice — knowledgable, confident, and helpful while using some jokes, gifs, and emojis when they make sense. People will notice us in the crowded social media mess the same way you would notice a fine piece of music in the middle of a random radio station cacophony.


  • Fluent in written English
  • A lot of imagination
  • Basic knowledge about developers' frameworks and technologies (JavaScript, PHP, React.js) and their communities (Spectrum, Reddit, Hacker News). [This is optional, we can help you explore this.]

Working environment and benefits:

  • You'll join a close-knit team of people from diverse backgrounds and sets of skills, including, developers, designers, business developers, etc. Part of their goal is to help you achieve yours and vice versa.
  • The office is in Paris, no remote work. We'll provide you with the latest MacBook pro 13", some drinks and snacks.
  • Expect a wild ride filled with thrills, spills, mental gymnastics and plenty of good moments.

Prismic at a glance

A headless CMS with an API and a CDN

Prismic focuses on Web Design, Web Development, Web CMS, and Content Management. Their company has offices in San Francisco and Paris. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees.

You can view their website at https://prismic.io/ or find them on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Product Hunt.

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