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A headless CMS with an API and a CDN


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Hello. We're Prismic. We're looking for developers. Not ninja rockstar developers, but rather smart, empathetic, skillful and curious ones.

In a nutshell, we're building a CMS – like WordPress, but better – although that's a massive oversimplification. A less generic explanation: Prismic is a content platform / a headless CMS / a "content-as-a-service" tool. (We don't like these descriptions too much because of ambiguity and because we don't like buzzwords, but there is no standard terminology in the industry yet.)

Developers use Prismic to make websites editable for non-developers. The way it works is that Prismic provides an API that you can pass a request to and get the exact chunk of content in return. This way developers can use whatever tech stack they like to build the frontend – we have SDKs for React, Vue, Node, and many other languages/frameworks – while the content itself remains editable for the rest of the team in a web interface.

So, Prismic is essentially three products:

1) content editing UI,
2) API + SDKs,
3) infrastructure.

(This explanation is certainly more complex that a "CMS" or "content platform" but hopefully it makes things clear.)

Enough about the product. Prismic has been around for about 5 years, is used by 4,000+ companies for all kinds of websites and mobile apps, and had 20 full-time employees last time we counted. We're a self-funded and profitable company: we don't really support the hype around startups, unicorns, VCs, hockey-stick growth, etc, and we believe that there are other ways to run a tech company.

We're building a calm, mindful, sustainable business, focusing on the quality of the product above all things – as well as on the well-being of the humans working here (also above all things). It might not be perfect, but we're getting there. (That actually could be a tagline. "Prismic: it might not be perfect, but we're getting there.")

We're looking for developers who are interested in building tools for other developers. There's plenty of work to be done both on the platform and the web app side. We're not labeling this position as a strictly "frontend" or "backend", or exclusively one part of the product or another, because we believe that a smart developer can easily switch between both, and because we want to give some freedom in terms of what exactly you'll be working on.

The founder of Prismic is a retired developer, and he's aiming to design the jobs at Prismic in such a way that all the annoying things he's experienced are avoided. He'll gladly answer all your questions during the interview.

Perhaps the best way to describe which skills we're looking for is to show our tech stack. (We're certainly not looking for someone who knows all of it; your willingness to learn matters much more to us.)

  • Scala
  • JavaScript (React)
  • Mongodb
  • Redis
  • AWS (Lambda / Athena / S3 / Cloudfront/ EC2 / Elasticache)
  • Lucene
  • Bookeeper / Zookeeper
  • Algolia
  • GraphQL

If this sounds appealing to you, let's talk. Send us your CV and tell a few things about yourself, your work, and why you think you'll enjoy working here.

Looking forward.

— Renaud
The Product Person at Prismic

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A headless CMS with an API and a CDN

Prismic focuses on Web Design, Web Development, Web CMS, and Content Management. Their company has offices in San Francisco and Paris. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees.

You can view their website at https://prismic.io/ or find them on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Product Hunt.

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