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A mature tech company* with strong opinions, design mindset, and heavy French accent. We're making a calm, non-intrusive CMS that simply works, and works very well – on its own, and with other tools

(*not a hip startup)
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Content Writer / Strategist

At Prismic, we're looking for a human who can write playful, human-readable text, in plain and simple English for our website, Twitter, product announcements, newsletters, emails, bots and campaigns. Developers use Prismic when they're building websites (using such technologies as JavaScript,...


Marketing Intern

Posted 2 weeks ago

Prismic Marketing Intern Congratulations! You’ve reached that stage in life where you have to send off applications to internships. You must be excited! And what’s that? You’re in luck. We’re looking for an intern to join our marketing team. That might be all you needed to hear and there’s a good...


Customer Success Manager

At Prismic, we're looking for a Customer Success Manager to join our on-boarding team. Your role will be to help our clients around the world (from across just about every industry) to get the most out of Prismic and to succeed with their projects. We don't want a salesperson. We want someone who...


Business Developer

As a Business Developer, your role is to grow business! You will run through our growing list of users and testers from all over the globe, identify and prioritize business opportunities, organize inspiring demos with the customer success team's help & build offers adapted to the client's...

Software Engineer

Customer success engineer

As a customer success engineer, your top priority is transforming client’s websites projects into success stories. You’re a problem solver who likes answering questions and getting your hands dirty writing quality code. Building websites with prismic.io involves custom-type definition, creating...

Software Engineer

Developer Support Engineer

Posted 6 months ago

Learn web technologies & help people succeed with their projects Come join our fast-paced, dynamic startup and stay up to date with the newest web technologies. You’ll get to share your engineering knowledge by helping other developers learn to use Prismic. Prismic: At Prismic we reshape the...

Software Engineer


Hello. We're Prismic. We're looking for developers. Not ninja rockstar developers, but rather smart, empathetic, skillful and curious ones. In a nutshell, we're building a CMS – like WordPress, but better – although that's a massive oversimplification. A less generic explanation: Prismic is a...

Software Engineer

DevOps Engineer

Hey, we're Prismic. We're looking for a DevOps. In a nutshell, we're building a CMS – like WordPress, but better – although that's a massive oversimplification. A less generic explanation would be: Prismic is a content platform / a headless CMS / a "content-as-a-service" tool. Developers use...

Software Engineer

Developer Advocate

Posted 11 months ago

We're looking for JS developers to engage our community: At Prismic, we're building a CMS for developers that also gives designers, content creators, and project managers the independence. So, we could spend a lot of time talking about how much we've grown and talking ourselves up, but that's not...

Software Engineer

Solutions Engineer

Posted 10 months ago

By allowing them to use the technologies, frameworks, and languages that they prefer we allow developers, designers, and content creators to do their best work, but it also means that every client project is a little bit different. ...and that leads to a lot of questions. And that's where you'd...

Software Engineer

Next.js Developer Experience

Posted 2 weeks ago

Our Next.js Developer Experience At Prismic, we're looking for someone to lead our Next.js Developer Experience Program. This is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in both Prismic's and Next.js's communities and serve as the go-between for users and projects that combine the technologies....