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We are currently self funded for $250,000. Our dream is to help unleash the artist hidden within everyone in India and help it reach the world!

We are currently in the pre launch stage and are looking for hardworking and passionate individuals to join the core team of the business.  At PrintOctopus, 
-We offer an incredibly open environment encouraging creativity and innovation from all corners of the company, except the corner where we keep the spare printer ink!
-We provide a great start to your career where you will get to join the core team from the infancy stage of the business (except the diaper-changing bit)
-You will be part of a casual work culture where weekly team-building events usually end up with free food and drinks ;)
-Alongside all the fun and madness, we always remember-with great freedom comes great responsibility. We are a motivated and hard-working bunch who will stop at nothing to fulfill our vision for the company.
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Business Development

Posted 9 months ago

Roles and Responsibilities Being responsible for regular meetings with suppliers and manufactures to close better deals Launching new products through a data driven decision making. Penetrate markets by identifying new fashion trends. Communication and coordination between various teams and...