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Founding Software Developer

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We’re a new technology for a growing group of freelance beauty professionals so they can better service customers who are in search of a more convenient way to access their beauty needs. Our software is currently used by beauty professionals in the Toronto/GTA market and their paying customers.


You’ll be working as a founding software developer on our core product and reporting directly to the CEO. You’ll be instrumental in shaping the technical trajectory of our core product by first transitioning development out of a shop and in-house. You’ll be responsible for building out several aspects of our core product’s functionality as well, including:

● Integrating a loyalty and referral program
● Building out a broadcast booking system
● Introducing geolocation and smart routing features
● Utilizing AI to recommend inspiration images and other suggestions to bookings
● Integrating smart product purchasing to user accounts

You’re joining our team in the early stages, so your day-to-day will involve writing code, however you’ll also gain exposure to and play a key role in many other aspects of our business including talking to users, product development, and eventually managing a small team of junior software engineers. We’re looking for a go-getter with strong problem solving skills and the ability to work independently as well as someone entrepreneurial, whose maybe even considered starting their own company in the future!

Required Skills

As you’ll be transitioning development in-house, it’s best if you’re familiar with the following technologies to make this a smooth process:

● Relational databases (required)
● PHP (required)
● JavaScript
● Cordova


We’re an early-stage start-up based out of Toronto, Canada. We built our initial technology in-house and have paying customers and loyal professionals. As a non-technical team, we outsourced development of our more scalable technology to expedite growth, but want to begin bringing this development back in-house.

Here’s what’s important to us:

Balance: For us, there’s more to life than just work. Our team has unique interests, hobbies, and priorities outside of Primped. Don’t get us wrong, we work hard, but we understand that being at your best relies on your ability to unwind and do the things/see the people you love.

Flexibility: We’re a flexible team that’s comfortable with a blend of in-office and remote work. In
fact, we thrive on it.

Culture: For us, it’s simple… put our users first, put your hand up, put your thinking cap on. We’re looking for people who have initiative, can identify problems and voice their solutions, and always have Primped’s users in mind.

If interested, please email kate@primped.ca (Co-founder of Primped)