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We are building Primitive, a virtual reality interface to visualize and interact with code. Primitive uses algorithms to generate 3D structural representations of both static and dynamic code that are animated and interactive in VR. We are applying our technology to accelerate the training process for enterprise software developers - because seeing and interacting with the code is the best way to understand it. Imagine looking at a representation of hundreds of thousands of lines of code in VR and intuitively understanding the structure and flow of the software. Training via code visualization is just the first step in a bigger plan. We believe that collaborative virtual environments are the future of software development. VR is a powerful medium to display three dimensional information and also to facilitate team collaboration. Primitive is an intersection of a great product, powerful code analysis technology, and a display medium that is the next computing platform. Our team is small. It is very important to us that we have diversity and a gender balance on our team early on. In our previous work experience, a diverse team is on the whole more cohesive and capable than a homogeneous one. We need a great engineer to help take the technology as it is today and deploy it on real world code so that teams can start to visualize their code bases in VR. John Voorhees Avik Das primitive.io

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