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We're Duolingo for SAT + ACT prep!


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Parm Gill

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Serial technology entrepreneur, strategic advisor/mentor/coach to startups - #LoveIt.

Frank Bonsal III

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Contrarian working for equity in impact, efficacy, and economic upside. See: @Bonsal Capital


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angel fund

Ian Mouton

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Sr Eng Mgr @Atlassian, co-founder @Magdesign

Nick Wright

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Building @Midnite 🎮 💸 We're hiring!

Abhishek Tripathi

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Director of Commercial Crew and Cargo Certification / Flight Reliability

Rod Clarke

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Investor with a keen interest in technology that solve problems.

Proud Ventures

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Experienced investors in both public market deals, and private companies from seed to late stage, across a wide array of industries over the past 40+ years.

Ashok Kamal

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CEO @Tech Coast Angels | Angel @Outsite @Grove Collaborative etc. | Founder http://theschoolofrap.com | Aspiring surfer, Fantasy baseball aficionado, Presentist
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