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Precision Navigation for Drones



CTO. Design & Execute in Hardware, Software. Mechatronics for Google. Robotics for Gravity. Computer Graphics/Vision. Research with Neural Nets. Feature VFX.
CEO @PRENAV: precision navigation for drones. Previously product/mktg @Wubyu, @Lolapps, @Ea, @Microsoft. Studied computer music and rowed @Stanford University.


Robert Edwards

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Mechanical design and prototype, manufacturing, robotics generalist, 3+ years experience at small starups, often juggling multiple projects

Rishi Kurudi

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Mechanical Engineering masters graduate with experience in Product Design/Development, Mold design, Automotive Design and analysis, 3D printing.

Nick Rossi

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VP Eng @PRENAV. Was VP Eng @thePlatform (acquired by Comcast). Studied @HarveyMudd.
UC Davis Electrical Engineer and Computer Science Engineer. Embedded systems, Robotics, Software Engineering

Board members and advisors

Executive w/ over 19 years experience developing, managing cross-functional teams supporting exponential growth for startup-mid-size B-B software companies.

Mar Hershenson

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Founded Tocata Mobile, Sabio Labs (sold to Magma), Barcelona Design (sold to Sabio Labs). PhD in EE Stanford 2000. Adjunct Professor Stanford 2003-2010.
Founder at PreNav - Worked at Streetline, UniversalElectronics - Studied at UCLA, Berkeley Applying tech in fields with the potential for disruptive change.

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