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Makers of Nailbot - a patented nail robot and intelligent manicure product line


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Meghan Asha

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Meghan has been working in technology and venture capital for over 10 years. She has extensive experience leading tech teams and curating investor conferences.

Rohini Pandhi

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Working @Square • Founder, Investor, Advisor, Techie • Computer Engineering @University of Michigan, MBA @University Of Chicago Booth School Of Business

Kalpana Kashyap

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engineer, entrepreneur, mom.

Duncan Turner

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General Partner @SOSV MD @HAX Accelerator. Experienced hardware start-up founder and investor, ex-designer @IDEO.

Larry Tsai

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I lead a global product design, engineering and manufacturing consultancy that helps design, engineer and manufacture hardware and IoT products.

Helen Greiner

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making the impossible inevitable

Eric Bonabeau

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Chairman at Icosystem