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Predictive Analytics for Geopolitical Risk



Co-founded Dialogic, did IPO and then returned to academia. Recruited into USG after 9/11, returned to teach at Princeton and then co-founded Predata.


Kathryn Lovell

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Frontend Smith. Managing where Art, Science & Craft meet. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute CS

Joshua Haecker

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Cayley Gehnrich

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Human Resources Associate at Predata

Hazem Dawani

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CEO @Predata , formerly CEO/co-Founder @OptionsCity Software , Director @Chicago Trading Company

Riley Goodside

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Machine Learning Engineer @Predata — Previously: @OkCupid, @AngelList, and @Verisk Analytics
Software Developer

Mars Spencer

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20 years of cross-functional experience across start-up and Fortune 500 companies: Alternative Data, Quantitative Trading, Investment Banking, and Consulting.

Tori Rinker

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Director of Marketing and Operations at Predata

Steven Sklar

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Full stack developer who has built, designed, tested, and deployed software projects for startups, investment banks and hedge funds in Python and C#.
Princeton PhD student researching the application of nonparametric Bayesian ML techniques to discover structure in music and music communities

Board members and advisors

Co-Founder @Long Game • Executive Director, Global Projects Center, Stanford University • Studied at @Princeton University @University of Oxford @Sorbonne

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Catherine Shen

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Sarah Nagy

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John Urbanik

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Raymond Zhong

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Agata Neltz

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