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Predictive Analytics for Geopolitical Risk

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At Predata, we’ve built a predictive analytics platform that enables customers to anticipate global events and market moves by better understanding human behavior through alternative data and machine learning. Clients across various industries use the Predata platform to discover, quantify, and act upon the risk of future events.

We come from the worlds of technology, political science, and finance, with a commitment to building the future of enterprise software for predictive analytics.

We’re proud of our self-motivated team. We celebrate people who take responsibility for solving problems and developing new ideas. We believe in communication and collaboration over strict hierarchy. We’re curious people trying to find creative solutions. We deliver high-quality work because we take pride in what we do.
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Customer Success Analyst

Posted 1 month ago

Predata is a predictive analytics startup that uses machine learning to uncover predictive behavior in publicly available web traffic data. Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and leading financial institutions use Predata to anticipate events, improve forecasts, and make better decisions...