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Deep Insights on Diverse Data

Deep Insights on Diverse Data

Precog is next-generation of analytics infrastructure, designed to enable companies to perform arbitrarily complex analytics on modern data types.

Modern data is messy, complex, and doesn't fit into tables. It includes JSON values, documents, log files, and social media data.

If you just want to store modern data, you have lots of choices. You can store it in Hadoop, MongoDB, Cassandra, and lots of other places. But if you want to perform analytics on modern data, then you are forced to homogenize it, dumb it down, and make it fit into tables, where you must use SQL or SQL variants like Hive to perform analytics on it.

This process is extremely time-consuming, expensive, and brittle.

Precog rejects the notion that you have to adapt your data to your 30 year old analytics technology. Instead, Precog is next-generation infrastructure that lets you natively analyze modern data types, without the need for coding ("MapReduce") or ETL of any kind.
SlackFund @slack-deleted ; Previously Ventures Director @Undercurrent, & co-founder of @Precog ; @Techstars alum.
CTO of SlamData. Veteran architect & engineer, experienced manager, entrepreneur, startup junkie, master generalist, & solver of impossible problems.
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