Trainer - Web Developer / Mobile Developer

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Background :

Pratham InfoTech Foundation, Simplon and one of the biggest IT Multinationals are partnering together to launch two Digital Inclusion Academy’s in Navi Mumbai & Pune. The goal of these two digital academy’s is to facilitate the sustainable inclusion of youth who are currently unemployed and are at risk of remaining compromised vis-a-vis the mainstream job market. We are looking for people willing to be trainers for the Digital Academy.

Required Technical Skills:


• Linux environment and basic commands

• Adobe Photoshop (Website Designing – optional)

• HTML 5

• CSS3 with media queries (For Responsive Web Design)

• Sass & Compass

• JavaScript


Client Side Framework / Libraries

• jQuery & Ajax

• Bootstrap

• Angular / React

Server Side Frameworks / runtimes

• Node.js

• Express.js

Unit Testing

• Mocha

• Jasmine

• Chai (Assertion Library)

E2E (End to End Testing)

• Karma (Test Runner)

• Protractor

NoSQL Database

• MongoDB

Version Control System

• Git

• GitHub ( Hosting Service )

• SEO Optimization

Required Skills

• At least 4 years of professional experience as a web / mobile developer

• Passionate about IT programming and teaching with expert knowledge of programming languages. (front end and back end)

• Expert knowledge of the principles of versioning under Git.

• You are comfortable with:

o the Linux/Unix system

o professional social networks

o one or more project management tools

o referencing issues, etc.

Ideally, the following would be a big +:

● Ability to update your knowledge in your area of expertise

● Knowledge of agile and UX methodologies

● Expert knowledge of database management and administration (SQL and/or potentially NoSQL)


● Patience

● Diligence

● Team spirit (collaboration, communication)

● Ability to learn and adapt

● And above all, the desire to pass on your passion to total beginners!

Role and Responsibilities

As the instructor:

Your role will be to provide web developer training. You will also be responsible for ensuring that the course and learner progress are rolled out correctly.

Sourcing Trainees

• Is closely involved in the sourcing of trainees

• Helps set up information workshops for trainees

• Gets familiar with the project recruitment process, Sololearn exercises and other aspects

Managing Trainees

• At least once during the course, put trainees in a knowledge transfer situation within their own cohort

• Assess the trainees on an ongoing basis via projects, more than any other assessment tool (multiple choice questionnaire, knowledge test, etc.).

• Liaise with the company within the framework of sandwich courses

• Guide trainees in their approach in order to obtain the desired position

• Record the end of the course through a final project (the masterpiece) and therefore record that all the learning outcomes have been met. 

Governance and Project Supervision

• Ensure regular meetings with the team and trainees to monitor the quality of the course

• Participate in enhancing Simplon's training analysis via meetings of the instructor community

• Contribute to supplying the Simplon instructor Github for trainees

Corporate Partnerships :

• Developing relations with specific corporates to understanding of what kind of a web developer ecosystem they have.

• Seeking inputs from corporates for helping build projects for the training curriculum that mirror live projects.

• Involve corporates across the training journey by inviting them to take guest lectures in person or on skype, help the trainees’ professional development by mentorship.

• Develops relations with corporates to seek their support in both the mid-term internship the final placement of the candidates.

About Us:

Pratham Infotech Foundation

Pratham InfoTech Foundation(PIF) is a non-profit organization that works in India to bridge the digital divide, facilitate the adoption of information technologies (IT) in education, and equip disadvantaged youths with skills, tools and capabilities that new global economy demands.

Simplon :

Simplon is a social business, recognized by the French Government as a “Solidarity-Based Enterprise of Social Utility” (agrément ESUS). The mission of Simplon is to use and exploit the full potential of the digital technology as a leverage for inclusion, insertion and employment, to enhance innovation and social integration.