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Simplifying health practices through Artificial Intelligence & Speech Technology

Software Development Engineer (Python Django/Machine Learning)

₹5L – ₹12L • 0.1% – 0.25%
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We help large hospital systems serve their patients better, with autonomous Artificial Intelligence systems. From as simple help as booking a right appointment with the doctor to identifying how a patient is recovering from their recent treatment / surgery and reiterating doctor’s instructions, our Virtual Assistant Sarah handles almost all patient interactions. It has strong medical knowledge that lets Sarah understands all the medical queries that a patient would ask before or after their consultation.


With Speech Recognition, Emotional understanding, Natural Language capabilities and deep medical knowledge we serve some of the world’s largest hospitals including SingHealth (Singapore’s largest), Apollo Hospitals (India’s largest), HealthEngine (Australia’s largest healthcare aggregator) etc.,

Praktice was named one of the top emerging AI startups in Singapore, awarded NASSCOM best AI startups, and Boston Children’s Hospital (affiliated to Harvard Medical School) has named praktice as one of world’s top 37 Voice Healthcare companies.

Praktice was part of TechStars (one of the world’s best accelerators, the one that incubated Digital Ocean, SendGrid, Localytics etc.,), and world’s largest enterprise, SAP has invested in praktice as part of their innovation program SAP.io


Becoming the world’s best healthcare Artificial Intelligence firm that’d transform how healthcare is delivered before, during and after the doctor’s consultation. With presence in Singapore, Australia, Middle East & US, we’re on a steady course to reach our goals.

>> ROLE: Python Django Developer (DRF)


--Engineering Degree in Computer Science from Tier1 institutions (IIT/BIT/NIT) with 1-5 years of development experience in a product firm
-- full scale implementation of at least 3 production scale Django projects is mandatory
-- Experience of working in a startup is preferrable
-- Your prior experience should be only in Python & Django (full-stack developers with a glimpse of Python / devOps developers with a basic experience of Python for automation won’t be considered)
-- Experience of deploying Django Apps on AWS EC2 or Google VMs would be preferred
-- Experience of deploying Django Apps on serverless frameworks would be even more preferred


-- Extensive experience of working with JSON
-- Should’ve worked extensively on at least 2 of these databases - MongoDB, DynamoDB, Cassandra, Neo4J, ElasticSearch, Redis
-- Should be knowing both Python 2 & Python 3 and have resolved the challenges of migrating from 2 to 3 or vice versa
-- Should’ve worked on more than 3 Django projects
-- Should’ve automated lot of tasks using python
-- Should be an expert in Python built-ins, and lambda functions
-- Should be very good at all of these areas
-- Writing complex SQL queries
-- Functional programming in Python
-- Map, reduce, filter lambda functions
-- Shell scripting
-- GIT (should be extremely good at git)
-- Strong data structures and experience of building the complete data structure of at least 1 application


-- Good understanding of AWS core services like EC2, ElasticBeanStalk, Lambda functions, DynamoDB
-- Good understanding of deploying python applications on Google Cloud Virtual Machines, creating (or) using Google cloud functions


-- Developing conversational assistant based on Praktice's in-house framework based on Python
-- Working on our ML module that drives the conversational assistant without rigid rules and rule engines
-- Working with the in-house built NLP modules, incorporating them in the conversational flows and ensuring accurate recognition
-- Improving auto-spell correction and working on modules that produce contextual spell correction
-- Working with front-end developers to work on new UI templates, data formats etc.,
-- Working on AWS applications, MySQL database, and NoSQL databases to let the application store, run & access data
-- Working on making our speech bot (the only healthcare speech bot in India that can truly replace the human beings) run more seamlessly on our framework
-- Working on huge (live in production), complex Django application that powers over 5000 conversations daily
-- Working on Redis cache, understanding how to make the Django application work with Redis
-- Working on multiple micro-services that Praktice has developed for internal/external use


-- goo.gl/Gjp2zJ (MobiHealth News)
-- goo.gl/fHkwbR (Economic Times)
-- goo.gl/Y2jgQp (TechStars)
-- goo.gl/BLj1mD (German News)
-- goo.gl/ZkDArU (German News 2)
-- goo.gl/iEhcNj (Yourstory)
-- goo.gl/HBUUGC (Hungarian portal)
-- goo.gl/q6bgFB (Singapore blog)

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