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Simplifying patient navigation for Health Systems

Simplifying patient navigation for Health Systems

We all know the long wait times and incorrect referrals in hospitals and the only way hospitals can solve this is by hiring more human resources. But there's a limit to it as it involves high operational cost and there's a scarcity of well-trained medical professionals.

Hence, the only magic pill is to use Artificial Intelligence to take up some of the high volume repetitive tasks of a hospital setup, like answering patient queries, scheduling and managing appointments, referring patients to the right specialist and filling scheduling systems and EHRs, so that the medical staff and doctors can give more time to the patients than laptops/mobile phones.

Our product is a text & speech bot that can listen any query of patient in a medical / hospital setup and respond instantaneously, so as to give the highest quality of service any patient deserves. While doing this our bot saves a lot of operational cost involved for hospitals.

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