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The simplest way to stay in touch with people you meet

The simplest way to stay in touch with people you meet

pplQ is an SMS-only "invisible app" that helps you stay in touch with people. Every day, we meet people we'd like to talk to again. Instead of carrying their names in your mind all day, text their names, business cards, etc. to pplQ, and pplQ will remind you to reconnect with them later, when the time is right. pplQ exists in the space between meeting someone and scheduling them into your calendar.

pplQ inspires action by attaching its reminders to text messages instead of app notifications; text messages are "stickier" and much more compelling.

The entire functionality of pplQ can be accessed via SMS. It is is phone, carrier, and country agnostic; every phone on earth with text messaging is addressable. pplQ's onboarding is a single step - sending a text message. Our user acquisition simple, our CAC is a fraction of an app-based startup, and our value prop is simple.

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