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Fun financial education for girls K-5

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We believe that women have a higher chance of breaking free from the financial burdens of debt and dependence if they are provided a financial education that builds their knowledge, skills and capabilities when they are still young girls.

We are creating exciting products to help girls in every stage of their lives, starting with an fun financial education curriculum built on experiential and play-based learning for girls K-5.

We are at a stage where we need to make sure our funnels our optimized, the website is user friendly and informative, as we build our email list and conduct customer research. Next comes the fun part: Creating the actual product and launching!

We are looking for passionate candidates who love working in a startup environment, are flexible, creative, strategic and dedicated to make this happen. We want people to help make this idea a reality and to help grow it for many more years to come.

Our first product is contrary to most, it is a physical product that is delivered in monthly boxes through an annual membership, and contains all materials and supplies needed to complete the games and activities, in addition to a parental guide, rewards and more!

There are other products in the pipeline, but we need to get something off the ground and make sure it works and helps girls the way we want it to. Please contact us!
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Full Stack Developer

Full stack developer with expertise in PHP, managing and building Wordpress websites
Expertise in digital marketing, analytics, data, UX, Facebook marketing a huge plus

Looking for an eventual CTO/Cofounder passionate about financial literacy for kids (with a special focus on girls)