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Live your neighborhood

Live your neighborhood


Discover crowdsourcing; how to placing consumers at the heart of the experience allows for a perfect understanding of their shopping habits and needs. POTLOC uses powerful social networks campaigns to source what customers do and want in defined geographical areas.


From the biggest town to the smallest village, the sense of belonging to a neighborhood is a very strong feeling.
For 97% of people, what creates a neighborhood are local businesses. In other words : retail. POTLOC will nail the neighborhood by entering through the retail door. In B2B.


Retailers, shopping malls, cities: they all need to have a better understanding of their current and potential clientele.
Who they are, what they do & what they want.
The whole retail industry is looking for powerful customers insights & intents in order to create unique experiences, engage with their clients and optimize their omnichannel strategy.

Jérémy Lagrue

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Louis Delaoustre

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Co-founder & Co-CEO Potloc

Rodolphe Barrere

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POTLOC - Co-Founder & Co-CEO
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