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PortfolioStrat is taking the hedge fund world from an investment process consisting of Bloomberg + Excel spreadsheets to the cloud. We are connecting complex screening and analysis with trading discipline and portfolio management. Our co-founders are former hedge fund portfolio managers with a quantitative bent. We focus on adding data science / machine learning overlays and performing complex analyses on big datasets with very low latency. Come join our team to bring professional asset management to the cloud!
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Backend Engineer Advanced Statistical Analytics & Machine Learning

This engineer should have extensive knowledge in Python and big data technologies and will work with a team of 4 other engineers some of whom are distributed.

-- 3 years minimum of Python and web experience
-- Extensive knowledge of Python
-- Knowledge of various database technol...


MEAN Stack Developer / AngularJS + Big Data / Visualizations

This engineer is a full or partial MEAN stack developer with extensive knowledge of AngularJS, MongoDB, and Node.JS.