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Trusted People Search

Trusted People Search

PopuTrust, LLC is a SaaS-technology startup business based in Portsmouth, NH. PopuTrust, LLC owns the popular website poputrust.com which offers "Trusted People Search" services. Via its SaaS technology platform (poputrust.com) PopuTrust, LLC is focused on becoming the leading source of information about People. With over 10% of all Google searches now "people related" ...people are more and more obsessed with "people".

Advisory Board Member @POPUTRUST - a Background Screening Firm

Co-Founder @PopuTrust - Securities Compliance & Due Dilligence

Eric Melin

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Co-Founder/Founder/CEO/VP in several ventures - including VC backed SaaS businesses. Operate physical Incubator/Accelerator called "The Market Accelerator"