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Influencer Marketing Analytics

Influencer Marketing Analytics

Popular Chips is the world's first Social Influencer Analytics platform, featuring unique insights regarding demographics and activity of any Instagram Influencer.

Social Influencer Marketing is gaining incredible support among brands - especially Fashion, Luxury and Beauty - due to its cost-effectiveness and the great results it is able to bring. However, most brands are still investing without having the proper metrics to take their decisions.

Popular Chips Insights platform is able to reply to key questions like: I'm investing on a US-based influencer but how many of his/her followers are actually from the US and how many from irrelevant countries? How many of those followers are fake or inactive?

By using Popular Chips Insights platform, Marketing Managers are able to predict and improve their Influencer campaigns' ROI.

We created the missing link to transform Influencer Marketing from a qualitative investment to a quantitative one.
Founded Gimucco and started-up Popular Chips. Worked with Dada SPA, Softec SPA, Redation SRL.
Founded Gimucco and launched Popular Chips in 2015. Managed TradeTracker Italy from zero to 1.2M rev. Co-founded Redation, acquired by Softec Spa.

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