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Machine Learning for your Memories

Machine Learning for your Memories

In an increasingly digital world, it's all too easy to lose your photos to the cloud or to the depths of your camera roll, never to be seen again.

So we decided to do something about it.

Popsa launched in 2016 to bring your memories to life by printing them in beautiful, physical products that you can hold.

However, instead of making you spend hours designing your product (like Snapfish or Photobox), we do the hard work for you in minutes.

Our vision is to send you regular bundles of photos in the post without you having to think about it. Little presents to yourself. A monthly subscription to your memories.

We're developing technology to make it happen:

• Machine learning to curate your most sentimental photos.
• Bespoke algorithms to automatically design beautiful layouts.
• The fastest delivery from the best printers in the world.

Customers will sign up and every month they'll unwrap a new collection of memories to keep for years to come.

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Platform Engineer

I am a London based entrepreneur.

Tom Cohen

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Mobile and Tech Entrepreneur. Co-Founder and CTO of Popsa.

Liam Houghton

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Founder of Popsa. Former architect. @500 Startups alumnus. Co-creator of Pollen VC, Digipill. One of M.E.'s 30 Under 30 rising stars to watch in mobile.