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Email collaboration platform for teams.



Cindy Zeng

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Carnegie Mellon IS & HCI, Front-end Developer and User Experience

Brandon Foo

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CEO, Co-Founder @Paragon. Previously @Polymail (YC S16) (YC S16)

Board members and advisors

Ari Klein

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Director of Customer Success at BookMD, DocSend and CrowdFlower beforehand. Stopped by Cisco, Caterpillar and University of Michigan engineering along the way.
Partner at @Y Combinator. Founded @Wufoo (Acquired by @SurveyMonkey).

Ryan Delk

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Building something new. Investor: @AirGarage , @Skip, @RightMessage. Advisor: @Lyte & @ConvertKit . Previously: @Omni @Gumroad, @Square & @iHub.

Former team

Anya Gallardo

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Ani Kunaparaju

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Varadh Jain

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