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Erico Farias da Silva

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Worked in many sectors in Brazil and graduated in Economics. I am a big enthusiast of data analysis and visualization as well as customer satisfaction.

Atanas Vanchev

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Angel investor, early adopter of blockchain assets and technology, interested in new ideas and opportunities.

BitFin Capital

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Hedge fund. Crypto assets advisory and investments

Eugene Leontovskiy

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Was born Now live Sometimes Will die

Leonid Ustinov

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36 yo investor. Originally from Russia, but live in Phuket for three years now.

James Halstead

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I am a father to two wonderful boys, one beautiful newborn girl and husband to an amazing wife.

Milhan Sadar

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Founder Mass Global Developers • Worked at @Locu
ICT generalist with broad experience in UNIX, Solaris, GNU/Linux computing, unified communications and small- to medium-scale technology management.

Patrick Hidalgo

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CFO at a blockchain VC backed startup.