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Advancing Agriculture with Automation

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Polybee is an early stage startup that aims to advance agriculture with automation. We are incubated at the National University of Singapore's GRIP Accelerator for deep-tech startups.

Nature's pollinators contribute to about 30% of global agricultural produce. But, natural pollinators cannot pollinate everywhere and everything. Vertical farming, a rapidly growing sector, is now poised to grow fruits and non-leafy vegetables. However, bees cannot be used indoors and there is no scalable solution for pollination yet. The hybrid vegetable seed industry heavily depends on manual labor for pollination across different varieties.

Polybee aims to empower growers with greater control over the process of pollination; a process whose success has been left to chance so far. Our core capability is to build small sized drones that can be precisely controlled and navigated in an indoor environment.

We have been running joint pilot trials with Singapore Food Agency, the government's statutory board to ensure food supply and security. We are also in advanced discussions with 9 of the world's leading vertical farming companies, as well as two of the world's top seed companies.