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We are on a mission to simplify life insurance. We believe there are two problems with the life insurance industry distribution model today: 1. Customers are not getting high quality advice (advisors can be under qualified and incentivized by commissions that tend to vary by product and carrier) and 2. Buying life insurance is a terrible experience (advice delivery requires multiple in-person interactions and meetings are often “sales-oriented”). We want to offer objective and customized advice in a transparent and convenient way. Our recommendation engine assesses the user’s needs and recommends the best product for the user – regardless of commission structure. Life insurance is complicated, and our advice engine helps customers to better understand their needs and the coverage that offers the best protection.
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Life Insurance Advisor

In a typical day, you’ll be educating our customers on their insurance needs through answering challenging questions, dealing with advanced customer cases, guiding them through our different products, and writing engaging explainer content. Your firsthand customer insights will be instrumental in...