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Senior iOS Engineer

¥400k – ¥700k • 0.02% – 0.04%
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Polarr is looking for a Senior iOS developer who're familiar with video processing as well as knowledge of CoreML to bring new interactive A.I. experiences to modern applications. 

You have:
• Architected and built standalone apps with custom UI elements from scratch.
• Worked with animation frameworks where you can smoothly animate elements and transform them following complex design requirements.
• Implemented test driven design and accomplished high test coverage for applications you've written.
• Dealt with low end device development where you optimized RAM performance and UI rendering frame rate.

You will:
• Work on complex video and image processing apps with high memory footprint and CPU usage.
• Exploring and implementing AI related user features using CoreML and other AI frameworks.
• Engineer video and image processing engines that help Polarr users make sophisticated visual effects.
• Implement UI/UX design elements.
• Experimenting with CoreML AI modules and integrating them with the application experience.
• Optimizing app launch speed and performance for lower RAM and CPU usage and reducing crashes .

You are:
• Considerate of how your code will interface with future versions of iOS (forward's compatibility).
• Architecture first rather than jumping into writing implementation code.
• Aware of the latest nuances of iOS frameworks and understand how to make them backwards compatible with older devices.
• Obsessed with the details, imperfections, no matter how small, are cause for concern.
• User experience driven, the positive experience of the user plays a big part in what you do.

You can find more about how it is like to work at Polarr with additional resources such as perks and remote policies at our careers page.

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