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Senior Frontend Engineer

$90k – $170k • 0.01% – 0.2%
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Polarr is looking for a Senior Frontend Engineer who's familiar with building complex and efficient user interface for web and mobile web apps.

You have:
• Worked on very complex single page web applications that push the limits of RAM usage in web browsers.
• Architected complex web apps from scratch.
• Mentored junior developers and helped them improve their Javascript skills.

You will:
• Work on improving stability and reducing Javascript crashes for the Polarr Photo Editor web rendering framework.
• Benchmark improved performance of UI renders and WebGL shaders in the Polarr Photo Editor.
• Create new UI and UX elements that make it easy for our users to understand and use our apps.
• Work on a variety of different front end things like making changes to the homepage and/or building internal dashboards.

You are:
• Highly design focused and are driven to logical UX supported by good Javascript state management in your web applications.
• Familiar with performance debugging in Javascript and understand the nuances of ES6 vs ES7.
• Constantly exploring new ideas/technologies in the front end universe.
• Cognizant of your weaknesses and test driven.

You can find more about how it is like to work at Polarr with additional resources such as perks and remote policies at our careers page.

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