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Every new member of our team complements our company culture, which is an ever-evolving manifestation of our core values and serves as an anchoring point for navigating uncharted territories. This means we look for talent that demonstrates an affinity for excellence and upholds our shared values. Below are our specific cultural values we use for hiring, reviews, OKRs:

## Ship extraordinary work.
- Test your own code, dog-food your design, proof read your own writing/spreadsheet.
- Release high quality product features that exceed user expectations.

## Super-user first.
- Study and engage with the super users of your work regularly.
- Take initiatives that further the happiness of super users/conversion to super users.

## Deliver on promises.
- Set ambitious yet achievable goals and measure often.
- Only promise goals you can deliver.

## Ask questions.
- Always question decisions until it makes sense to you.
- Always demand clarity of vision and context in the work you do.

## Polarr's interest first.
- Make decisions that leave Polarr a better place.
- Call out behaviors that are inconsistent with what we're building at Polarr.

## Over-communicate.
- Bring up and resolve issues early before the next meeting/milestone.
- Actively document when, what, and how decisions were made and lessons were learned.

## Go out of your way.
- Invest time and energy to accelerate others' growth.
- Actively support the work of others with constructive feedbacks.

## Act on feedbacks.
- Share what you're working on and be clear about feedbacks you want from others.
- Create feedback loops with peers, managers, and subordinates.

## Respect everyone's time and space.
- Make sure how you're spending your time at work is a reflection of our values.
- Be on time and be thoughtful of using your own and others' time and space.

Perks and benefits

Dental, vision, health insurance

We currently covers 99% of Medical and Dental and Vision Insurance premiums for all US based employees. New Employee coverage will become active the 1st of the month after hire.


Polarr has a 401k program administered through Human Interest.

2 day wfh

If you are based out either the SF/Bay Area or Shenzen office, you may work from home up to 2 days a week.

20 days of pto

All employees are eligible for 20 days of paid vacation per year in addition to major national holidays in your country of work.

Free lunch

Polarr provides lunch at all HQ locations Monday - Thursday. Team members who primarily work from home can submit lunch expenses based on the guidelines outlined in our lunch reimbursement policies.

$100 per month for gym

Polarr will reimburse up to $100.00 per month gym membership in your area.

$100 per month for public transportation

Polarr will contribute $100.00 per month to your commuter benefits commute account to help cover the costs of taking public transit to the office.

70% contribution to conferences

Polarr will sponsor up to 70% of the cost/fees for each team member to attend 2 conferences of their choice per year that have a duration of 4 days or less. These conferences must be related to improving your work at Polarr.

Home internet reimbursement

Polarr will reimburse you the monthly cost of your home internet plan up to 300Mbps.