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Better Decisions Faster

Better Decisions Faster

If you had a photographic memory, how much faster would you be at your job? Now what if you had a collective memory across all members of your team, organization, or industry, how much better would you be at your job? Polarity has developed a technology that makes this possible through software. The system analyzes the contents of users'​ computers screens and gives them real-time access to information without affecting their existing workflow. The system makes it easy to capture new "memories"​ so that if other users are looking at similar content, they will automatically be notified of the most relevant information at the most opportune time.

“Polarity enabled our incident response team to quickly draw on historic intelligence which furthered their ability to respond effectively to observed events.” CIO – Leading Media and Internet Company

Please contact us at info@polarity.io or (443)-424-8197. We love giving demos!
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