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We're an early stage startup and super excited about the future of robotics. We are enabling all kinds of amazing new applications by making it easy for robots to know where they are with extreme accuracy. We're obsessed with what self driving cars will do for the future and the robots that come after that. Our team members have built multiple autonomous vehicles, race cars, space rovers, satellites and more. We're looking for people who share this passion and want to join a small team that will make an enormous impact. We're located in San Francisco near Caltrain at 724 Brannan.
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Senior Embedded Software Engineer

You'll be working together with our world class algorithms and embedded engineering team. This role is for a generalist, so you should be an expert working on embedded Linux and directly on bare metal.


Sr Research Engineer, GNSS

This role is focused on delivering the best in localization performance from our sensors.

Candidates should have extensive experience working with raw navigation data.


Senior Backend Engineer

Posted 9 months ago

You'll be working with our team that develops Point One's Cloud Correction Services. This involves deploying, testing and maintaining microservices to move, process and verify data in real time from thousands of remote sensors and deliver the output to millions of vehicles, drones and robots.