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Co-Live Across a Shared Network

Co-Live Across a Shared Network

There are 220 pods to share across 7 neighborhoods in LA and SF, for any duration of time. We redesigned the bunk bed in a tribal floor plan with a micro focus on neighborhoods in under utilized and commercial buildings.

PodShare builds affordable shared housing, with unlimited transfers and access across our network of neighborhoods - for any duration of time.

Housing is limited to one address, so when you travel you are paying 2 rents. As a member of PodShare’s housing network, you have unlimited transfers & access across all of our neighborhoods. We're bridge housing & a roommate sampler for those moving into a new city. We're affordable travel and temp worker housing for those seeking to live local.

Imagine a future where minimalists subscribe to housing in the cloud to experience the world, working on their laptops or picking up local jobs before finding that one person or one career to settle down with. Our "Live Anywhere" plan templates that.
Founder PodShare • Studied at @Pepperdine University

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