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Product conversation platform

Product conversation platform

PodNod is developing a social commerce platform with tools that enable users to easily connect with their friends about products, either while in store or online, during the purchase consideration phase. PodNod's first tool allows a user to get quick, nod or nah advice from their friends and/or social networks. Responders don't need to be a part of the platform, they just need a browser to respond. PodNod makes it easy to ask for advice, and even easier to respond. PodNod launched on iOS 6/2012.
CTO @500friends, CTO @Wine.com, Software Developer @Proxicom, Founder @PodNod • Strong Problem Solver, Strong technical, Strong business.
Co-Founder & COO of @PodNod, leading all product and tech development. Managing Director at Core Equity Group, a venture bank building early stage companies.
Founder Core Equity Group, a venture bank focused on building early stage companies
CEO @PodNod, Serial entrepreneur, Doubled sales at Red @Apple Marketing/SEM, Numerous high tech product launches, Kellogg MBA, @Pennsylvania State University ChemE

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