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PocketSuite is a YC-backed mobile platform for service professionals, independent businesses, freelancers, contractors, gigsters, part-time, and other non-traditional workers - helping them message, schedule and collect payment from their clients. PocketSuite empowers the U.S. market of 57 million freelancers, generating $1.2 trillion in sales with online platforms for running their business. Over 4 million appointments booked, $184M in payments processed, 18 million messages sent for businesses running on PocketSuite today. We are the stickiest SMB platform in the market. Once businesses onboard, they never look back.

Who are we looking for?
We are looking for a high energy, customer obsessed, high empathy person who is ready to activate and engage our Pro community so they can "become their own boss" and build strong, successful businesses. You have a track record of motivating and getting users to take action FAST in a way that helps them achieve their goals and drives value for the platform as well.

The ideal candidate would be ready to hit the ground running on day one. You will need to make many critical decisions each day. You will be the primary contact point for customers working with payment operations & customer support, engineering, and the growth teams to deliver a consistent experience to our clients. You understand the importance of activation and engagement in driving RPU and LTV as well as in mitigating CHURN. You will be doing things that don't scale to test what works, measuring outcomes, pivoting early and often to ensure you crush your individual goals and contribute to the overall success of our users and the company. This will be a hybrid role where you will tag team and coordinate with both the customer support and growth teams.

Who we are?
1) Engineers and product obsessed - we loathe over-engineering, we cringe anytime a customer reports a bug and we release new versions every week.
2) We love our customers - solving their problems and helping them grow and succeed in a rapidly changing world. Oh yeah we also love their 5 star reviews.
3) We love disrupting the status quo - desktop solutions are so last year and we believe everyone globally in the industries we're going after will be using a mobile app as their primary business tool by 2025.
4) We don't just think of this as a job. In our spare time, this is what we do and who we are. Our obsession with small business, fintech, smart growth, and cool apps is a 24/7 thing.
5) We believe only two things matter as we build out our business: building a great product and delivering awesome customer service.

What will you be doing?
-Onboard new clients by phone, in-app, and by email, including importing their existing clients and data into the app
-Activate and engage new clients primarily in-app (and occasionally by phone and email) in a way that drives conversion rates, retention rates, monthly payment volume, and Premium subscriptions
-Cultivate warm leads for businesses with upgrade potential and close them, primarily in-app (occasionally by phone and email)
-Responding to in-app support inquiries via the PocketSuite app.
-Reproduce and log customer reported issues
-Identify and drive opportunities for making product / ux improvements for our customers.
- Ensure clients launch on-time with the optimal PocketSuite configuration to reach their business goals
- Lead all data imports and widget implementations

Are there any requirements?
- Bachelor’s degree
- Strong problem solving skills
- Strong oral and written communication skills
- Witty, creative, compelling writer
- Natural sales skills (Note: Recognize that we all need to be great at sales to succeed in business and in life.)
- Power Text-er (Curious to know how many texts you can send in a minute with limited to no typos?)
- 2+ years experience as a community engagement, growth hacker, onboarding specialist, or customer support specialist
- Communications and/or Marketing background [a plus]
- Behavioral economics knowledge and interest [a plus]
- Prior experience working in a fast growth startup environment
- Most people you've worked with would put you in their top 5
- Looking for an "ALL IN" team and workplace culture

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