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Run your business over text

Run your business over text

PocketSuite is a YC-backed mobile platform for service businesses - fitness trainers, home cleaners, dog walkers, photographers, etc. - helping them message, schedule and collect payment from their clients. PocketSuite empowers the U.S. market of 20 million service professionals generating $800 billion in sales with a mobile cloud solution for running their business. Over 6k businesses run their business on PocketSuite today and we're growing fast.

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Chinwe Onyeagoro

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Co-Founder & Head of Growth for PocketSuite. Previously, ran a Saas, fintech company. Also, served as a consultant for Mckinsey & Company & Great Place to Work.

Yang Forjindam

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Co-Founder & CTO of PocketSuite. Engineer #5 at @Netsuite. Engineering @Stanford University.